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When formulating our new Be Radiant range, we made a conscious decision not to include essential oils within the products, due to the growing number of people who have sensitivities to essential oils. However, we are aware that many of you love essential oils, especially our 100% pure organic Be genki essential oil blends.

So for all you essential oil lovers we are offering an exciting gift with purchase opportunity, through to 1st March 2017.


Did you know that each of our four Be genki 100% pure organic essential oil blends are perfectly suited to each of our four Be genki Radiant Beauty Oils?

To super-charge your favourite Be genki Radiant Beauty Oil, simply add 8 drops of the Be genki 100% pure Essential Oil Blend. Twist the dropper closure to seal the bottle. And gently shake to combine.

gwp-beautyoil-1.jpgSOOTHE SENSITIVE SKIN

Purchase our Be genki Radiant Beauty Oil #1 for sensitive skin and redness 30ml; and receive a free Be genki Serene 100% pure Oil Blend 10ml.

Our Be genki Serene Oil Blend is specifically formulated to soothe stress and anxiety. The skin care properties of this blend – geranium, palmarosa, patchouli, neroli and rose otto – are also renowned for helping to calm redness and irritation, with balancing, regenerative and soothing effects.  PURCHASE


Purchase our Be genki Radiant Beauty Oil #2 for fine lines 30ml; and receive a free Be genki Sensual 100% pure Oil Blend 10ml.

Our Be genki Sensual Oil Blend is specifically formulated to promote nurturing feelings of self-love and self-acceptance. The skin care properties of this blend – geranium, ylang ylang, vanilla, jasmine and rose otto – are renowned for helping to improve the appearance of dry and ageing skin types.  PURCHASE


Purchase our Be genki Radiant Beauty Oil #3 for sun-damaged skin and pigmentation 30ml; and receive a free Be genki Tranquil 100% pure Oil Blend 10ml.

Our Be genki Tranquil Oil Blend is specifically formulated to turn your mind and body off for a good night’s sleep. The skin care properties of this blend – lavender, sweet orange, roman chamomile and sandalwood – are renowned for helping to improve the appearance of dehydrated undernourished skin, with calming and regenerative properties also .  PURCHASE


Purchase our Be genki Radiant Beauty Oil #4 for hormonal and acne-prone skin 30ml; and receive a free Be genki Vibrant 100% pure Oil Blend 10ml.

Our Be genki Vibrant Oil Blend is specifically formulated to lift your spirits and overcome mental fatigue. The skin care properties of this blend – lemon myrtle, peppermint, rosemary and eucalyptus – are renowned for helping to kill acne-causing bacteria and balance oily skin types, with cleansing and refreshing properties also . PURCHASE

Strengthening Our Body, Mind And Being

autumn-05-old-thoughtswritten for EcoBeautyEditor 

How do we really get in touch with our inner knowing?

I’ve recently become fascinated by the English language, more specifically the origin of words, their true energetic meaning, and how a shift in the language we choose helps shift the body, mind and being to greater ease and freedom.

When I think of the word comfort, thoughts immediately go towards helping myself or someone else to feel less worried or upset. To give hope. But when delving a little deeper to the origins of the word – comfort – it actually means to strengthen greatly. This may seem like a subtle difference, but from my point-of-view, it’s huge. Read More

4 Ways to Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

misc-travel2There’s no doubt that we are placing more stress on ourselves these days. With our fast paced lives, mobile phones, various social media applications, instant news and growing to-do lists, there is one question that I often wonder. Are we as a society coping?

In many areas where I observe, the answer is no. Anxiety, sleeping problems, mood swings, stress, depression and fatigue are all common symptoms showing us that something needs to change. If any of these words sound all too familiar to you, and you would like to prevent these debilitating feelings from consuming your life, there is, in fact a lot that you can do to cope, so that you can be the happy and healthy person you desire to be. Read More

How to Use Crystals in Your Everyday Life

crystalsOne of the ‘traps’ and delusions is to think that if we study enough books we will ‘know everything’ and ‘understand nature’. What I’ve found to be true, is that the more I ‘know’, the less I ‘know’. And it’s this wonder of not knowing and staying in amazement over the beauty and mystery of nature, and remembering to ask questions … is when the magic shows up.

Crystals are certainly nothing new, and have been around for as long as the Earth itself. The use of crystals is also nothing new, with historical references from the Egyptians, Ancient Sumerians, Ancient Greeks, Chinese and just about every other ancient civilization. It’s safe to say that as long as we have existed, crystals have been an integral part of our life in some form or another. Read More

How to Embrace the Cycles of the Moon

phases-of-the-moon‘It must be a full moon’ is a common phrase that we pass around whenever crazy things happen. But is it just a throw away line, or is there some validity in the effects of the cycles of the moon?

The moon and the sun work in harmony to create the tidal effects on Earth via gravitational pull. Considering our bodies are approximately seven tenths water, it makes sense to me that the moon could influence our bodies, as subtle or profound as its effects may be. Read More

How To Bring the Spa Experience Into Your Home

womaninbathMy five favourite DIY spa rituals inspired from spas around the world.

RITUAL 1 – Essential Oils

I love the opening ritual of spa treatments whereby you take three deep breaths of an essential oil blend so I do this at home each morning when I apply a body oil (scented with essential oils) to my body, bringing my hands up to my face and taking three deep in-breaths before gently massaging the oil in to my limbs. Naturally, I am partial to my Be genki range of organic body oils scented with organic essential oils.

RITUAL 2 – Hot and Cold

I also love the hot and cold plunge pools in spas. It’s such an invigorating way to boost the immune system, and improve skin tone and circulation. It’s easy to recreate this at home by alternating the shower with hot and cold intervals. Enjoy a minute of warm water, followed by 15 seconds of cold water, and then repeat. Read More


Sol Walkling photographed by Robert Palmer

Sol Walkling photographed by Robert Palmer

“I started using Be Genki oils years ago as a self care routine. The essences became a quick way to enhance my mood, deepen meditation and relaxation. Naturally, when I got an opportunity to use the Be Genki range in my yoga classes, women’s circles and wellbeing events, I jumped at it.

“I started by adding Be Sensual to my pulse points and my hands when I assisted clients in deep relaxation yoga poses and would move it gently through their space as I facilitated self healing and care. Immediately after the first time, several people commented and asked on how I had gotten these wafts of beautiful smells to come over them at just the right points. They weren’t aware my hands carried the scent but every time I deepened them into a more relaxed pose, they would smell this delicious self love and care essence. For me, this added to the experience of being in a nurturing environment, surrounded by kindred souls working on taking care of their physical bodies and connecting to themselves, one another and me. The scent became a carrier and facilitating tools just like the music.

“Since starting to use Be Sensual also on my own body a lot during private training, restoring or healing sessions with clients, people no longer comment about my voice, knowledge or connection first. They ask me about the smell. Normally they comment that I smell edible or that there was this divine scent in the air. For me, using Be Genki is a great tool to deepen the space I am weaving with my voice, facilitation and music. I imagine it to be like a cocooning healing bubble that clients retreat into to be, rest and restore. The scents make this easier as they, like music or touch, largely bypass the mind.

“After a little while, I got a bit more “daring” with the use of the oils. I now hand them out to people as an offering at ceremonies and circles. In the past, I would have thought a room full of 60 people wearing essential oils would be too much. Instead, the oils are subtle enough to just waft past you when people yoga or dance past. In fact, they create another cue to our interweaving as a community, as a group. We hear, see and smell each other. And the feeling space of “I am well” “I am relaxed” “I am loved” then translates into their daily life when they use the oils.

“At a special New Year’s Eve event, I used the oils not just in the ceremony that also included a powerful sound heavier, energy healer and shamanic work but also gifted each guest a little dose of the oil and tea to repeat the ceremony at home. This is the spirit of Be Genki. To offer self care tools that allow us to become present. In using these oils with a purpose, we anchor the feeling state, the intention deeply to our memory and can evoke it at a desired time by using the oils. To me, this is genius. Be Genki Oils can then become an instant stress buster, entering tool or connective medium.

“One of the most powerful experiences I have had with Be Genki oils was after I got concussed during a freeform dance event. Badly affected with nausea, light sensitivity, cognitive problems and sensory stimuli overload in normal situations as well as splitting headaches, I went through various stages of sleeping a full day, resting at any time when overwhelmed and nauseous and having fitful sleeps for a week until I started using the oils as well as listening to Om meditations and binaural beats brain wave music. In this combination, the music and smell felt they gave me a positive focus, created and anchor for my consciousness to rest in and to bypass the jammed signals in my brain.

“My latest experience with the oils was when I was invited to hold a large yoga class and cacao ceremony at our local community dance event called 5 Rhythms. As people were walking in, we created a ceremonial space with sage and clearing before offering each person an intuitive choice of the Be Sensual, Be Tranquil and Be Serene Oils. A room full of 40+ people with Be Genki Oils on their pulse points and heart weaved a beautifully calming ambience as we settled into the space together. When we started dating together, we could not only see and sense each other move through space but also follow the beautiful smell of the oils as each person’s own note danced and carries through the room. It created a harmony of intermingling strands of hearts connected in rhythm, smell and intention.”

– Sol Walkling



Did you love reading about Sol’s genki life?  Pay it forward via our win-win cycle of gratitude.

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kim“I’m not sure I would of been able to have had two pregnancies with no stretch marks or stretched skin if it wasn’t for Be Genki’s body oil.

Every morning and night my ritual would be straight after a shower rubbing my belly and sending love and gratitude to my baby and my beautiful growing body this was something that my loving partner could join in on as well.

The Be Genki body oil works wonders and I didn’t think the results would be as huge as they have been and it works and smells naturally delicious. You just know that what you are using is gentle and safe on you and your growing baby.

I would highly recommend every mum or mum-to-be to try this throughout pregnancies. One of the biggest fears of mine pre having babies was wondering how badly my skin would stretch after the kids and even though I gained 20kgs with each pregnancy you would not be able to tell from looking at my skin that I have had a baby let alone two. I thank Be Genki’s body oil 100% for allowing me to look the best I can the natural way.”

– Kimberley Utama



Did you love reading about Kimberley’s genki life?  Pay it forward via our win-win cycle of gratitude.

Use coupon code kim1 when you shop at to receive 10% off your total order.  By activating this unique coupon code with your order, Be genki will also gift Kimberley the same 10% amount in credit for her future Be genki purchases.



Product Spotlight: Be Radiant Cleansing Oil

cleansing-oilWhat it is

Our Be Radiant Cleansing Oil is full of nourishing organic plant oils and botanical extracts – which is code for Mother Nature’s top shelf stuff – it’s the kind of cleanser that leaves your skin feeling clean and soft, not stripped and dry. Read More

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Step two in your beauty routine: meet the toner that corrects, not clogs. Bursting with active botanical extracts, this handcrafted formula works to hydrate, balance and rejuvenate tired, stressed skin. So no matter what side of the bed you woke up on, you’ll feel as fresh as a daisy on a clear blue day. Read More

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