Product Spotlight: Be Radiant Beauty Oil #4 / The Cheeky One


beautyoil4What it is

We all have those days – or years – where our skin decides to become a testing ground for our hormone levels. That stops here with Beauty Oil #4; the facial oil specifically designed to balance hormonal skin and reduce the appearance of acne, whether you’re a teenager or an adult with skin that doesn’t know what age it is. Read More

Product Spotlight: Be Radiant Beauty Oil #3 / The Active One


What it is

Bursting with 100% plant-based ingredients, this handcrafted formula is for the face that likes to spend more time outside than it does in. Fragrance free because you smell good the way you are. Read More

Product Spotlight: Be Radiant Beauty Oil #2 / The Wise One

What it is

A facial oil that recognises the finer details and knows how to treat a lady. This extremely hydrating formula has been specially designed for experienced faces, working to minimise the appearance of fine lines and nourish dry, tired or mature skin. So even if you’ve had the longest day, week or month of your life, your face won’t give it away. Fragrance free. Read More

Product Spotlight: Be Radiant Beauty Oil #1 / The Sensitive One

beautyoil-1What it is

Ready for a new moisturising routine but don’t want to risk looking like you mistook your blush for bronzer? Start here with our Beauty Oil #1. Especially designed for sensitive skin, it will help soothe and moisturise whilst working to reduce redness and inflammation so you can take on the day with a clear face and not a hot head. Fragrance free. Read More

Product Spotlight: Be genki Radiant Corrective Beauty Toner

corrective-tonerWhat it is

Step two in your beauty routine: meet the toner that corrects, not clogs. Bursting with active botanical extracts, this handcrafted formula works to hydrate, balance and rejuvenate tired, stressed skin. So no matter what side of the bed you woke up on, you’ll feel as fresh as a daisy on a clear blue day. Read More

Strengthening Our Body, Mind And Being

autumn-05-old-thoughtswritten for EcoBeautyEditor 

How do we really get in touch with our inner knowing?

I’ve recently become fascinated by the English language, more specifically the origin of words, their true energetic meaning, and how a shift in the language we choose helps shift the body, mind and being to greater ease and freedom.

When I think of the word comfort, thoughts immediately go towards helping myself or someone else to feel less worried or upset. To give hope. But when delving a little deeper to the origins of the word – comfort – it actually means to strengthen greatly. This may seem like a subtle difference, but from my point-of-view, it’s huge. Read More

Product Spotlight: Be Radiant Cleansing Oil

cleansing-oilWhat it is

Our Be Radiant Cleansing Oil is full of nourishing organic plant oils and botanical extracts – which is code for Mother Nature’s top shelf stuff – it’s the kind of cleanser that leaves your skin feeling clean and soft, not stripped and dry. Read More

4 Ways to Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

misc-travel2There’s no doubt that we are placing more stress on ourselves these days. With our fast paced lives, mobile phones, various social media applications, instant news and growing to-do lists, there is one question that I often wonder. Are we as a society coping?

In many areas where I observe, the answer is no. Anxiety, sleeping problems, mood swings, stress, depression and fatigue are all common symptoms showing us that something needs to change. If any of these words sound all too familiar to you, and you would like to prevent these debilitating feelings from consuming your life, there is, in fact a lot that you can do to cope, so that you can be the happy and healthy person you desire to be. Read More

How to Use Crystals in Your Everyday Life

crystalsOne of the ‘traps’ and delusions is to think that if we study enough books we will ‘know everything’ and ‘understand nature’. What I’ve found to be true, is that the more I ‘know’, the less I ‘know’. And it’s this wonder of not knowing and staying in amazement over the beauty and mystery of nature, and remembering to ask questions … is when the magic shows up.

Crystals are certainly nothing new, and have been around for as long as the Earth itself. The use of crystals is also nothing new, with historical references from the Egyptians, Ancient Sumerians, Ancient Greeks, Chinese and just about every other ancient civilization. It’s safe to say that as long as we have existed, crystals have been an integral part of our life in some form or another. Read More

How to Embrace the Cycles of the Moon

phases-of-the-moon‘It must be a full moon’ is a common phrase that we pass around whenever crazy things happen. But is it just a throw away line, or is there some validity in the effects of the cycles of the moon?

The moon and the sun work in harmony to create the tidal effects on Earth via gravitational pull. Considering our bodies are approximately seven tenths water, it makes sense to me that the moon could influence our bodies, as subtle or profound as its effects may be. Read More

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